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Concrete Porch

What you need to know

Tips for a flawless photo shoot

  • Staging is vital to achieve photos that will make your listing stand out online.

  • A staging check list will be provided once appointment is booked.

  • If the entire home is unable to be staged, focus on the selling points of the home.  Clean and declutter kitchen/bathroom counters, empty showers of visible toiletries, etc. Have it look the way you would want to see a home for the first time as a potential buyer.

  • Lighting is crucial ....replace any non working light bulbs and consider adding floor lamps to rooms that are lacking in natural light. Open all blinds or window treatments to let the natural light do it's magic.

  • If space is lacking to hide clutter, utilize rooms that will not be photographed to tuck these items away. Secondary closets, utility rooms, garages, etc. are great places to store these items. Use empty laundry baskets to gather items and store them easily for picture day and for showings.

  • Appointment times are typcially set between 9-10am or 1-2pm(depending on daylight savings time)

  • Final images will be sent once payment has been rendered.

  • Payment accepted via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal and Square. Cash/check payments must be made on site at time of appointment.

  • High-Res Home Shots is licensed for Supra Key access in the event a client needs us to access the property if no one is home during scheduled appointment.

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